The Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists (Pepharm) was established in 1929 as a trade,  professional and scientific association representing all the pharmacists who aren't a pharmaceutical company holder (pharmacy, wholesale or industrial company). It is based in Athens (Greece) and aims of the association are to:

a. Introduce and highlight the responsible and significant role of the pharmacist in the society
b. Promote and support the professional rights of its members
c. Ensure and maintain lifelong education and training of its members

The Association’s activities include and not limited to the following:

a. Negotiate with other stakeholders on behalf of its members the collective labor agreement
b. Organize events (congresses, courses, seminars etc.) enabling the Association to achieve its aims
c. Arrange working group meetings
d. Participate in national and European projects
e. Participate in European Industrial Pharmacists Group as a full member representing pharmacists employed in the Pharmaceutical or Allied industries in Greece
e. Maintain a website and other communication vehicles for its members (Social network, newsletters etc.)

The Association is a not-for-profit organization and its resources shall be applied for the purpose of attaining the aims of the Association as defined by its Statute.

The Association is a Professional Group and shall be independent of all political parties and/or movements.